If you are going to AGU be sure to look around for PalEONs In addition to a number of PEONs that are attending AGU, we will have 3 PalEON posters and 1 talk that will be given. Here are the details. Check it out!

Posters – Monday morning
1) Goring et al. Effects of Euro-American settlement and historic climate variability on species-climate relationships and the co-occurrence of dominant tree species. AGU 2013. (Poster, B11G-0438)

2) Matthes et al. Representations of historic vegetation dynamics in CMIP5 and MsTMIP models (Poster B11E-0401)

3) Dawson et al. Spatio-temporal changes in forest composition inferred from fossil pollen records in the Upper Midwestern USA (Poster, B11G-0446)

Talk – Thursday morning
1) Steinkamp and Hickler. Is drought-induced forest dieback globally increasing? (Talk, B42B. Ecological Disturbance: Observing and Predicting the Impacts of Landscape Disturbance III)