Office of Tech Transfer a Valuable Resource for Students

A post from our student blogger Sarah Goodman

An important resource to the students in the MSPL program at the University of Notre Dame is the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT). This office is available to assist university faculty, research staff, and students in bringing new technologies to commercialization. The OTT has the resources to patent, market, and license products of university research. This office secures legal protection in the form of patents for technologies invented at Notre Dame and markets the technologies to companies suited to develop the inventions. When appropriate companies are identified, the OTT is capable of negotiating licensing agreements and distributing the proceeds in accordance with the University’s intellectual property policies. The MSPL program prepares us for job opportunities in the field of academic technology transfer as a possible career option.

I am a current student employee in the OTT. My job duties include researching current Notre Dame technologies and completing Patentability and Marketability Reports. To investigate the patentability of an invention, I search patent and literature databases to identify publications that could prevent a patent from issuing on the technology.  To investigate the marketability of an invention, I complete market research to see if anything similar is commercially available, investigate the target customers, and determine whether or not the technology has commercial value.

The other student employee at the OTT is Vini Melo, a current student in the graduate ESTEEM program. He also evaluates inventions and is currently coordinating databases that will be used to market technologies invented at Notre Dame.

The Office of Technology Transfer is a valuable asset on campus and will aid in the success of the MSPL program. The University’s Intellectual Property Policy and information concerning the Office of Technology Transfer is available online at

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