Power and Water

We spent today (our last day!) at GE’s Power and Water facility in Schenectady, NY. This facility was started by Thomas Edison himself – check out the signature on the visitor’s pass we found!




GE visitor pass






Also in the picture is Buddy Cusick, one of the IP counsel who supports some of the R&D that happens at the Schenectady campus. Buddy is second from the right.

In addition to hearing from quite a few GE representatives today, we toured two plants. We got to see where they make their HUMONGOUS steam and gas generators, and also where they make a cool new type of battery.

After the tours, we chatted with Mike Gregory (a ND alum, and GC for the business unit), three technologists who develop new products at the facility, Buddy and Frank Landgraff (chief IP counsel for the business unit) and Mike Gnibus, who heads GE’s Global Patent Organization in Shelton, CT. Each speaker gave us their perceptions of the importance of patents to the business unit and to the company overall, and our students got some excellent advice that they can take with them into their practice careers.


It’s our last day, so sadly we will be headed home tomorrow. It’s been an amazing trip, and I am looking forward to next year already!!


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