The Chicago patent bar

I’ve had a busy week this week! On Monday, we had the Open House, which kicked off our recruiting season for our next class. On Wednesday, Travis, one of this year’s MSPL students; Gaylene, from our Office of Technology Transfer; and I met with a faculty inventor to learn about his technology (which Travis will be working on as his Capstone project).

Thursday was quite full. I was on the South Shore Line train into Chicago at 6AM, and arrived at 8AM. I love riding the train in because I get so much done without the distractions of email! I met Ron Kaminecki there, along with Janet Laybold from our Law School. We spent the day talking to Chicago patent prosecutors and litigators about the MSPL. They had some really good ideas about ways that we can promote the program in the Chicago area; both to find students and to help our graduates get great jobs.

Thursday ended with an invitation to attend the Linn Inn of Court. Inns of Court (I learned on Thursday) are a way for the legal bar within a particular field of law to share knowledge and mentor the next generation of lawyers in that field. I’m not sure if I, as a patent agent, would be eligible to participate. Hopefully I’ll continue to be invited and can learn more about what happens!

Friday we hosted the professionals from our Office of Technology Transfer, so that the MSPL students could get to know them. Because our students’ Capstone projects are delivered to OTT at the end of the year, it is important to me that everyone can put a name with a face well before the final work is handed in. We kept it pretty informal, simply doing introductions all around (students and OTT folks) and then doing a Q&A. I think our students asked some great questions!

And, of course, Saturday was the MSU game. I spent my pre-game time working hard, making sure that I met a couple of patent professionals who were tailgating!

Chicago skyline at night

Chicago skyline at night



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