Crazy times at the MSPL

Last week was a rough week for the MSPL. Mike Wack (PATL 60101- Patent Prosecution Law) got hit by a car on Thursday! Note that I didn’t say “Mike’s car got hit by a car,” … but rather, “Mike got hit by a car.” He’s doing well, but obviously we’re needing to make some adjustments to our teaching schedule. I’m taking Mike’s class on Monday, and will be lecturing on the changes to 35 USC 102 and 103 under the America Invents Act. I actually really like this topic, so, under the circumstances, I am happy to step in (although of course I’d rather that Mike hadn’t been hit by a car!).

Mike Wack, post-car

Additionally, Hal Milton (PATL 60201- Patent Application Drafting) had to have surgery on Friday. He refers to it as “preventative maintenance,” but any kind of surgery that has to do with blood flow and heart function seems serious enough to me. I hope he’s recovering well!

On a happier note, we’ll be holding an Open House at our Chicago center this Thursday, and hosting Mark Dighton from PLI on Friday. Mark is visiting campus because, every year, we provide our MSPL students with a patent bar exam review course. PLI is the vendor we’ve been using for these courses; last year we had at least four students pass the exam on their first try!

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