End-of-semester presentations

It’s now exam week, and our MSPL students are mostly done with their end-of-semester presentations. These presentations are a major checkpoint in the program, in which MSPL students defend what they’ve accomplished so far.

For fall semester, our students’ end goal is to write a set of patentable claims. To do that, they learn about a completely new technology from a faculty inventor here at Notre Dame. Then they perform a patentability search in PATL 60111 (taught by Ron Kaminecki this year). Finally, they craft a claimset in their Capstone classes (PATL 60301, which I teach). These tasks are all things patent agents do on a daily basis — and are not easy tasks, for sure!

Our students turn in the results of all of this work in a single document, and then put together a set of slides that they use to give a talk describing their findings. The students present to me, the faculty inventor, and the representative from Notre Dame’s Office of Technology Transfer who handles that technology.

As I said at the top, almost everyone has finished their presentations by now — and everyone has done a fantastic job! It’s been very exciting to watch everyone grow and learn SO MUCH over the course of a single semester. Congratulations to everyone!

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