Introducing Nicole Reilly

An introductory post from student blogger Nicole

Hello fellow Patent Law students, my name is Nicole Reilly and I’ve come all the way from Rowan University in New Jersey to study this awesome program!  Being a civil engineering student has taught me how to work hard and efficiently during my college career.  Throughout the years I learned a lot, but by the time senior year came I knew something wasn’t right; something was missing.  I realized that I didn’t want to settle as just an engineer, I wanted something different.  I knew I had to find a way to use my engineering abilities but not as an engineer.  Of course this was a huge deal considering I spent four years working towards a specific degree.  I liked the classes and everything, but I wasn’t interested in a typical day of a civil engineer.  So one day I was going through my emails and stumbled upon the MS in Patent Law email from the University of Notre Dame.  I read about it and looked more into it on the MS in Patent Law page on the University’s website.  I realized that this would be perfect for me!  What better way of using my engineering skills in a different field.  It’s actually funny to think about because when I was younger I always wanted to be a lawyer, but I was too young to know which kind or even if I really wanted to do it.  Now I have the opportunity to become a patent agent that combines my childhood dream and my engineering degree.  Not only will I be able to help people with their inventions, I will be able to hear about all kinds of new inventions.

Speaking of new inventions, I’ve always thought of myself as an amateur inventor.  I am constantly thinking of new inventions.  Every idea, every thought I have is written down.  I have a section in the notes on my phone where I write down all the ideas that I think of or that pop into my head.  I want to be able to use my love of inventions towards helping other people fulfill their dreams, turning their inventions into realities and what better way to do that then becoming a Patent Agent!

One thought on “Introducing Nicole Reilly

  1. Great Post Nicole!! I like that you are combining your personal interests with your technical talents. Looking forward to more Posts & hearing about a Day-In-The-Life at Notre Dame!!! What an accomplishment to be there!