Introducing Josh Denison

An introductory post from student blogger Josh

Welcome to our blog for Notre Dame’s M.S. in Patent Law program! Stay tuned throughout this year to catch a glimpse into life as an MSPL student, so that you can learn more about who we are and what we do. My name is Josh Denison, and as I have yet to fully immerse myself in the life of an MSPL candidate, it seems fitting I tell you a little bit about who I am and how I arrived at the decision to pursue a career in patent law.

I grew up a curious child in the small town of Duvall, Washington. Aside from this curiosity, my only other notable trait was an incessant need to communicate. As I got older, my desire to work with new and exciting ideas through oration and writing persisted. I continued to enjoy pursuing knowledge of the natural sciences, and I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who pushed me to enter projects in local and regional science fairs. As a sophomore, I examined what physical properties of various materials affected the sounds of electric guitar pickups which I had made. This was my first experience with both technical writing and my undergraduate institution, Ohio Wesleyan University; I was awarded a scholarship for this work, and my eventual desire to attend a liberal arts university where I could study a variety of topics was fulfilled.

I didn’t initially attend OWU intending to study physical sciences, despite the scholarships that brought me there. Yet, I found myself riveted by the more difficult courses in physics and astronomy. When it came time to select a major, I settled on Astrophysics, as it satiated my childish curiosities and gave me a new lens through which to see my world. I took a position as a student intern at the local observatory, and did over two years of research with an advisor on imaging the surfaces of magnetically active stars. I presented my research at two annual meetings of the American Astronomical Society, and in doing so found my calling of writing and debating about ideas in science.

I applied to Notre Dame after hearing of their MSPL option from an OWU alumnus who completed the program two years ago. While I applied elsewhere, I knew that this program was an education in the very areas of my talents, and thus it rapidly evolved into my top choice. I was thrilled to receive an offer of admission, and as of a few weeks ago, Notre Dame will officially be my new home for next year. I cannot express how excited I am to begin the process of being educated in patent law, and I hope to be able to share my academic experience with you here.

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