More Alumni Support for Patent Law!

The Master of Science in Patent Law continues to get support from successful professionals in the field!

Now on board is Mike Wack, a patent agent at Biomet, a premier medical implant and instrument innovator out of Warsaw, IN. Though Mike started as a product development  engineer with two other Warsaw-based biomedical companies, he has since moved to patent agency and now does portfolio management, patent preparation and prosecution, and manages outside counsel for the company as well.

“Having spent over twenty-one years in product development of medical devices, and now working in the intellectual property field in the same industry, I know how important it is to have well-trained, technical people to assist corporations and law firms in the filing and prosecution of patent applications,” he says.

And regarding our focused curriculum: “It is outstanding and well-suited for the objective. Simply taking a patent bar review course will certainly not give the depth of knowledge or practical experience necessary to prepare you or make you very marketable for employment. The Notre Dame Masters of Science in Patent Law will fulfill that need.”

Mike (center in the photo below) comes from a large Notre Dame family that includes his father, two brothers, son Thomas (Class of 2015; left), and daughter Claire (Class of 2016; right). In fact, we have his son to thank for spreading the word.

“I was really excited to hear about this program,” Mike says, “and I’m looking forward to becoming as involved as possible!”

Not only has Mike agreed to mentor a student through the Capstone Project next year, but along with Tom Mauch—a Notre Dame Law School graduate who also works at Biomet—the two will host the students of the Master of Science in Patent Law for an on-site visit to Biomet corporate headquarters for an in-depth look at the business of innovation and its intellectual protection.

Our great thanks to Mike! Apply now and be part of the action!