GE On Board with Notre Dame’s Master of Science in Patent Law

It doesn’t get much better than this: GE, the longstanding leader in technological innovation, will be providing key interactions with Notre Dame’s Master of Science in Patent Law (MSPL).

Among the events scheduled for the year are guest lectures from GE patent lawyers and agents. Mike Gnibus (Director of GE’s Global Patent Operation), and Mark Conklin and Jonathan Thomas are all patent lawyers at GE, and each is enthusiastic about teaching a lecture or two in the MSPL. Frank Landgraff, Senior IP Counsel for GE’s Energy Business, is also eager to have members of his IP team engage with the MSPL.

MSPL students will also be traveling to one or more GE sites over the course of the year. While on-site, MSPL students will learn about GE’s patent operations and the importance of patents in GE’s business strategy.

GE has expressed that they are always looking for experienced patent professionals to add to their team. GE’s Shelton, CT, based Global Patent Operation has a rich intern program and, according to Mike Gnibus, “is ready, willing and able to provide the robust internship experience that the program’s participants would be seeking.” The Global Patent Operation has offered to make one internship available to a graduated MSPL student – and provide a great, hands-on experience.

This collaboration is made possible with the support of GE’s Chief IP Counsel, Carl Horton, and Notre Dame alumni Frank Taylor (1970 BA Government, 1974 MA Government/International Studies; VP and Chief Security Officer at GE) and Hank Policinski (BA ’65 and BS ’66 Engineering). Hank has recently retired from a distinguished career in GE’s IP group, and has been a key player in setting up this collaboration.

As GE consistently files over 2,000 patent applications (and around 7,500 globally) every year, we at the Notre Dame Master of Science in Patent Law are thrilled to be in league with a company that is so much at the forefront of invention and innovation. Apply now to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!