Greetings from F.R.I., the Food Redistribution Initiative!

To give you a little background on our project we are are group of three Notre Dame seniors working to collaborate with the South Bend Farmers Market and local food pantries to be able to provide fresh produce to those living on the margins. Much of what is received by clients who reach out to the food pantry for food assistance is canned or highly un-nutritious. At F.R.I. we want to be able to change this problem.

We have noticed that within the extended South Bend community there are farmers who have excess produce that goes unsold at the market. As redistributors our intention is to connect the farmers with particular pantries and get fresh produce on family dinner tables and in hungry mouths, rather than letting it go to waste and lose profitable value.

As we begin our journey of discovery and collaboration, we would love for you to join along and enjoy the adventures along the way! Check out our blog routinely for updates on how the project is moving along!


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