Farmers Market Visit 1

Early in the morning of November 1st, all three of us made our way over to the South Bend Farmer’s Market with plenty of coffee in our mugs.  We were excited to get a chance to give the president of the market our proposal for F.R.I., and we hoped to get positive feedback on our project from him and from the vendors.  Our hopes turned out to be a little too ambitious, as the president was not in the office as planned, and we could not speak to the vendors until he reviewed our proposal.  We handed our proposal to the friendly secretary and after spending a few minutes scoping out the market we headed back to campus.  Our trip was not in vain however because it gave us a chance to explore all that the market had to offer, which included five or six vendors who still had plenty of produce for sale despite the impending winter cold.  Later in the day, we received an encouraging call from the secretary who informed us that we would most likely be given permission to speak with vendors but that the president would like to meet with us the following Thursday.  We will let you know how that meeting goes!


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