After having our presentation go fabulously we were able to share some knowledge that we have accumulated from research on food and poverty. In class we talked, baked, and ate, what could be better? We were able to teach new recipes to the class for our upcoming recipe book to improve use of fresh produce for low income families on a budget. Among the recipes was an apple tart, butternut squash, and kohlrabi salad, all of which turned out tasting fabulous. Along with expanding our palette we as a class also were about to begin thinking outside of the box on the challenges that face those who may be cooking with food stamps. Beyond the challenges of purchasing fresh produce is also the simple challenge of having the right tools for the job. As presenters we wanted to make sure the class was conscious of this as well, since we did not have a rolling pin, we also had to think creatively about cooking so we used a Pringles can to help us flatten our dough. Thinking in this manner has helped to keep cooking fun, simple, and realistic for those who challenge to eat healthy with minimum resources. Soon to come: our recipe book! Stay posted for our upcoming projects.

Check out Colleen and Ryan with the kohlrabi!

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