Problems with KIC Scanners

The past two weekends when I have worked on Sundays, the KIC scanners have not been working when I arrived. Last week both scanners appeared to be working, but students were complaining that they were not receiving the emails sent by the scanners. I tested both scanners and found this problem to be true; I never received any emails I sent (and I tried sending emails to both ND and non-ND email addresses). Today, the scanner on the left was having this same problem, and the scanner on the right would not even open up the KIC program. All I knew to do was restart the machines, which did not help. What should I do if/when this problem arises again? Is there anything that can be done on a Sunday?

Crista (Graduate Assistant)

3 Responses to “Problems with KIC Scanners”

  1. Claire says:

    I restarted the scanner on the right (closest to Doug’s office) and it seems to be working fine. The trick is to also turn off the scanner, not just the computer–there is an O/I switch on the back of the scanner itself. Flip the switch, wait 10 seconds, flip it back, then press the green start button. The scanner will run diagnostics as it reboots. Once that’s done (and the computer’s already been restarted), clicking on the KIC icon should work.

    I tested the scanner on the right, and I was able to email to myself, though I did not test a flash drive. I don’t know what the problem was here; I didn’t even have to restart.


  2. Sherri says:

    When students are sending scans via email, they need to make sure that one of the options (PDF, JPG, TIFF) is selected. Usually, the default PDF is selected but sometimes it is not selected nor is any of the other options. So, unless one of the buttons is selected, the scans will not be sent.

  3. Kim Shreve says:

    If the scanner interface is not up in the morning then try to just click on the KIC icon on the desktop. You will need to unlock the back of the case and get the Keyboard out. If it comes up with an error message saying that it cannot connect to the scanner then turn the scanner off/on with the switch on the bcak of the scanner and reboot the PC. The scanner should be rebooted first and once it comes up in the display that it is ready to scan then reboot the PC. As far as the e-mail. Once you are done scanning and click on the send or save button there are 3 steps. If nothing is selected on step one as far as a file type then you HAVE to choose one. It should default to “Quick PDF.” If not then choose a file format. Then you have to choose e-mail and type in your e-mail address and hit ok. Once both of these steps are completed then the “SEND” button will be highlighted in blue and will allow you to send the e-mail. You know that the e-mail went through when it comes back with a message saying it is complete. If you don’t see that message then something is wrong and the e-mail will not go through….