Outlook Problem

Several times since we’ve had the new version of Outlook, it’s had a problem when I arrived at the desk.  The problem is indicated with an exclamation point sign on the taskbar icon, and it seems to be that Outlook is offline.  Recent emails have not been received, and Send/Receive all folders doesn’t work.  Today when I arrived no emails had come in since yesterday morning.  I’ve been dealing with the problem by closing Outlook and starting it again.  After I logged in today, the build-up of about eight emails arrived.

I have no idea what’s causing the problem, but it makes timely response impossible if the emails aren’t being received.

2 Responses to “Outlook Problem”

  1. Sherri says:

    Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. It is important that, whenever you are working the reference shift, that you make sure that Outlook is connected. You can tell by looking at the task bar at the bottom of the page. If it says that Outlook is disconnected, please close the window and try connecting again by entering our net ID and password.

  2. Linda says:

    Even though my taskbar shows I’m “connected to Microsift Exchange” this morning,I keep getting that little autodiscover box that wants me to allow the server to be reconfigured. I “allowed” but still don’t think it’s working correctly. The reason I say this is because the last AAL question we received was on the 24th