After the shrinking of the Ref. Work Room, where is…?

1.  Typewriter

It is now located outside of the old Reserve Book Room, on a high table next to the workstation.

2.  Typewriter supplies

The ribbons, etc. are located in bottom of the Supply Cabinet.

3.  Paper supplies

All the plates, utensils, etc. are located in the two drawers in the short file cabinet next to the coffee maker, under the tool box.

4.  Vertical File

The vertical file is in the top two drawers of the wood file cabinet to the left of the mailboxes.

5.  Writing Center laptop & supplies

These items are located in the bottom drawer of the wood file cabinet.

6.  Extra key to Reference Work Room

On a “pink” key chain in the Reference Desk drawer (so our students have access to paper and supplies on the weekend and after hours).


Just let me know if you can’t find something.


One Response to “After the shrinking of the Ref. Work Room, where is…?”

  1. Sherri says:

    Thanks, Lin. This is very helpful.