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Just an announcement that there will be an international conference at the University of Paris (September 18-19, 2019) on the topic of Ius Gentium – Ideas and Practices of International Law in Early Modern Law and Theology. See details below on the Call for Papers.

The Swearing of the Oath of Ratification of the Treaty of Münster (The National Gallery, London)

Five areas of further reflection at the conference include:

1. The generic definitions of ius gentium between theory and practice,
2. the references to dominium, kingdoms, borders and international trade,
3. the study of references to humanity, the Church, the Empire and the State,
4. the question of global stability and of the binding force of ius gentium,
5. Theory and practice – The right to war, the intermediaries of peace and the question of the use of
the law of nations in the event of international conflict.

Papers can be presented in English or French.
Subject to peer-review, the contributions to the symposium will be published.
Deadline to submit an abstract of the communication is July 30, 2018.
Please send your paper proposal to Gaëlle Demelemestre (gdemelemestre@gmail.com).

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