Corbett Family Hall Overview

Corbett Family Hall 


Corbett Family Hall is located on the east side of Notre Dame Stadium. Corbett is primarily used for department offices and classrooms and the home to Martin Media. The first floor is where Martin media is located in the north end of the building, while the south end has a classroom and study space. The second floor is home to Anthropology, while the third to fifth floor is home to the Psychology department. Sixth floor is storage, just like in DSC, and the seventh, eighth, and ninth floors are press boxes, preferred seating for football games. During football games, spectators will enter through door 3, which is on the north end, and door 4 which is on the south end.

Corbett Floor 1


Corbett’s first floor holds the role of having Martin media which is located in the north end of the building, while the south end has a classroom and study space. The central part of Corbett first floor is an area for offices that can be accessed primarily through the north end of the building. Corbett’s first floor is unique because the north and south side does not have an easy way of moving back and forth, like in DSC. 

Martin Media

This is the main media broadcasting center for the stadium. This is the location where students can learn how to board cast as well as broadcast events in the stadium. The main area that Martin Media is located in is in Corbett first floor north side. For more information about Martin Media Center, check out their link: Martin Media Center Website.

Corbett Floor 2


Corbett’s second floor holds the role of hosting the Anthropology department. The Anthropology department on the second floor is home to different labs, offices, study spaces, classrooms, and other needs that the department has for them. For more information about Anthropology or the department, check out their website: Anthropology Department Website

Corbett Floor 3, 4, 5


Corbett’s third, fourth, and fifth floors hold the Psychology department. The Psychology department is then subdivided into the different floors with different parts of psychology on each floor. The third floor is mainly cognitive psychology, the fourth floor is mainly behavioral psychology, and the fifth floor is mainly a mixture of relationship and other forms of psychology. For more information about the Psychology department check out their website: Psychology Department Website

Corbett Floor 7 – Downes Ballroom


Downes Ballroom is similar to Dahnke Ballroom. It is a long hallway with a big great area where weddings, class, and premium seating for football take place. Downes does not have a broadcast room and has a more open construct, which is different from Dahnke. There are terraces at either end and multiple doors that lead to the premium outdoor seating. 

Corbett Floor 8 – Hank Family Forum


Hank Family Forum is similar to the Ramus Club, except it does not have an indoor premium seating area. This is because there was no pressbox when it was being built before the expansion in 2017. This Forum offers plenty of room for socializing and a balcony to look into the Downes Ballroom. This is usually for high priority members that are not exactly tied to Notre Dame. This is a great area for mingling and watching events. Some of the stuff that you can find on this floor are: leather arm chairs, barstool chairs, and maybe bar carts during Game Day and leading up to it. 

Corbett Level 9 – Seven on Nine/Press box Area


Seven on Nine is the premium seating area for the ninth floor of Corbett Hall. The north side has premium seating and premium boxes for opposing team visitors. The remaining area on the ninth floor is dedicated to media and stats. The stats and media is a long hallway that is tiered off so that no one is in the way of people behind them. This allows for the most viewing of the field, which is very important for their job.