O’Neill Hall of Music Overview

O’Neill Hall of Music


O’Neill Hall of Music is located on the south end of Notre Dame Stadium. It is the home to both the music department on campus as well as a dual purpose on housing Gate C. The hall was made to encompass Gate C, which means that the first floor is also divided and the only way to get from one side to the other is either: stepping outside and going in the other door, or walking through a door that will lead you through Gate C and then walking through a door to get to the other side. Interesting fact is that O’Neill does not have an official second floor, yet there is access to get to the “second floor” through some stairs, it is only a viewing room for the certain places on the first floor. 

O’Neill Floor 1


O’Neill’s first floor main role is mainly recital halls and other large spaces. This is in part that there is less room because of Gate C. There is one of these rooms on both the west and east end of the building. Doors 9 and 10 are the only doors that will let you in the main part of O’Neill.

With its lack of space, O’Neill holds Gate C in it. Gate C has two sets of gates in the exterior gate and the interior gate. The interior gate is the original gate from before the 2017 expansion, where the exterior gate is newer and helps leave a secluded area. Interesting note, during the 2020-2021 school year, the area between these gates was used as a classroom for the sacred music classes since it was outdoors and spacious, which was required at the time because of COVID-19. 

O’Neill Floor 3


The third floor of O’Neill is home to their own library. This library has mainly material about sacred music and other types of music history and information. Along with the library being there, there are some office spaces that are used by faculty and staff that work there. The library holds different books on music. These books hold music from different time periods and different genres. This library is mainly used for the music department students. 

Check out the Music Department website: Music Department Website

Check out the Music Library website: Music Library Website  

Foley’s (O’Neill Floor 4)


Foleys is a restaurant that is located on the fourth floor of O’Neill Hall. Foleys can be entered from either the upper concourse or through the elevators on the first floor, both of which need card access. The south club is divided up into different sections. There is the main hallway that leads you from the elevators, down the hall, and has access to the upper concourse. The first area that is on your right in the hallway is the bar area, followed by different seating areas throughout the restaurant. Further down the hall there is the kitchen area. One part of Foley’s is the bar area which is located on the west most part of the restaurant, which is called Joe’s Bar. 

O’Neill Floor 5&6


The main purpose of the fifth and sixth floors are that they are classrooms, offices, and practice rooms for the Music Department on campus. The practice rooms are rooms where instruments and singing can be done that won’t interrupt other people in the building. These rooms are designed to be able to block sound but also to make it so that the people inside them won’t lose their hearing as well.