About Us

SWE allowed me to create a strong network of women engineers who I could look to for career and academic advice. I have been able to interact with employers directly and gather advice from upperclassmen to decide on a major and career path. Thanks to SWE there is always a friendly face in my engineering classes and I have great academic support.

Clare Hyland, ND SWE Executive VP, 2020-2021

The Society of Women Engineers at Notre Dame provides members with many opportunities to develop professional skills, host outreach events, and build community through social activities. Hosting volunteering events in the community, organizing discernment dinners where underclassmen can learn from upperclassmen and professors, having fun at community building events around campus, and networking and learning from our corporate sponsors, the Society of Women Engineers creates a holistic organization that strives to serve the needs of women engineering students at Notre Dame and in their professional life beyond.