The Visual Concept

The Dante Project has invited some of the most exciting young artists working at Notre Dame, in the state of Indiana,  and in the Chicago area to join forces in the recreation of Dante’s vision of the afterlife. Ohm David, our guest set designer from the Philippines has submitted initial designs for Inferno and Paradiso, based on easily recyclable materials.




Installation artist Gwendolyn Terry, alongside video artist Allison Evans plans a beautiful labyrinth of rooms and passageways where mysterious sculptures invite us towards self-awareness. In the first room Dante perceives a change of time and space. In the third room a scavenger angel cleanses his sins. In the last room the Aromatic Tree makes us reflect on the Sin of Gluttony and how we most endure famine to purge its effects…

WALL small size

My Ideas - 2

In Paradiso, the stage is transformed by visions of the moon, sun and stars, projectd by sought-after video artists and VJ Liviu Pasare.