Scott Malpass, Investment Manager of the Year



Dear members of the Notre Dame community,

I know you will share my pleasure in the recent news that Scott Malpass, Notre Dame’s vice president and chief investment officer, has been named Large Endowment Manager of the Year by Institutional Investor magazine, one of the world’s foremost financial publications. The award recognizes U.S. institutional advisors whose “innovative strategies and fiduciary savvy resulted in impressive returns” over the past year. Scott and his fellow award winners, an “elite eight” of institutional investment managers and money managers, will be honored on May 16 in New York City.

This award simply affirms what we at Notre Dame already knew: Scott Malpass is, without question, the best chief investment officer in the world. Under his leadership, over the past 15 fiscal years Notre Dame has experienced a 12.1 percent annualized net return on the endowment pool! This truly exceptional performance attests to our ceaseless commitment to be good stewards of the funds you entrust to Notre Dame. Thanks in no small part to excellent stewardship by Scott and his team, we are able to make steady, and in some instances, transformational progress: meeting the demonstrated financial need of our students, establishing new endowed chairs to attract exceptional faculty, expanding the collections of our Hesburgh Libraries, and so much more.

I should point out that, upon learning of this prestigious award, Scott expressed his typical humility, gratitude and pride in stewarding funds donated by Notre Dame’s alumni, friends, and benefactors to strengthen the University. He said, “I’m very thankful, not only for this award, but for the Notre Dame alumni, parents and friends who entrust us with their gifts. And those gifts – large and small – have allowed this University to grow and flourish,” and added that he was “blessed with a wonderful team of professionals who are as deserving of this award as anyone else.”

Scott Malpass has served as Notre Dame’s chief investment officer since 1989. He is responsible for investment of the University’s endowment, working capital, pension and life income assets of $6.9 billion. The endowment is the 14th-largest in all of American higher education, and the largest at a Catholic university.

Of course, we have another reason to be proud of Scott: he is a Notre Dame alumnus! He graduated in 1984 and received a master of business administration degree from the University in 1986. We are exceedingly grateful he has chosen to put his mind, his heart, and his Notre Dame education to work for his alma mater!

We also take great pride in you, in humble appreciation of your generosity. We cannot thank you enough for your confidence and your trust.

Yours in Notre Dame,





John Affleck-Graves
Executive Vice President
University of Notre Dame



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