Congratulations to the University Relations Holy Rollers!

According to the Michiana Bike to Work Week web site , the cumulative University of Notre Dame Bike to Work Week team received first place standing with 3,973.05 miles, 24.68 average miles per rider with 161 total riders.  Bosch Brakeaways came in second with 1407.44 miles, 70.37 average miles per rider with 20 total riders.

Here are the results of the top five ND sub teams:


ND Subteam Total Miles Average Miles Per Rider Total Number of Riders
College of Science 1266.39 25.33 50
College of Engineering 696.1 21.09 33
UR Holy Rollers 529.45 27.87 19
ND Law School 309.21 14.72 21
Mendoza College of Business 215.2 16.55 13

Thanks to all those who joined the team!  Consider biking to work throughout the summer.  We will be in touch as soon as we know more about the summer challenge.

Go Irish!

Your Bike to Work Week team captains,

Heather Moriconi (

Jim Reeves (

Emily Paul (

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