Advance System Upgrade



As some of you may know, there is a team of people that have been working behind the scenes the last few months, preparing to upgrade the Advance system from its current version 9.3 to version  The team has been evaluating all the enhancements that will be provided with this upgrade and testing their implementation.  While there are no major changes in the functionality of Advance, there are some improvements.

Effective with this release:

  • Entity email addresses are removed from the Address window and now are viewed and maintained on a new Email window
  • A new eContact window allows for entry and storage of content related to contacting the entity via electronic means such as Facebook, Twitter, or URL
  • A new Telephone window allows you to store telephone numbers separately, along with additional telephone attributes. Together these elements provide a means for creating and tracking a more comprehensive picture of relevant telephone information



As the upgraded system is deployed to the environment that our Data Analysts use (DEVL), as well as the TEST and Training environments, we are unable to create new long term reports or modify existing reports until the upgrade of the Production environment is complete.  The DEVL environment was upgraded on June 15th .  We will proceed with testing in DEVL prior to upgrading our Test and Training environments.  The week of July 5th, we expect to upgrade Test and Training and validate the migration prior to upgrading the Production environment starting the evening of  July 21st .  Due to the upgrade, Advance Production will not be accessible beginning at 5:00 pm on Thursday, July 21 through Friday, July 22nd . Advance Production will be available to access on July 25th .




Donna Adams, Jamie Barry and Sue Prister



Sue Prister

Assistant Director

Donor Services

Development Office

University of Notre Dame

1100 Grace Hall

(574) 631-2610


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