New Position for Kathleen Barber

I am pleased to announce that Kathleen Barber will be joining our Development Research team as a prospect analyst.  She will be focusing on supporting the East Region team and will transition into her new role beginning November 1.

Kathleen has spent roughly the past 3 years working with George Keegan and the Corporate and Foundation Relations team, most recently providing administrative support to Brenda Hull Cox and Sean Kassen.  Prior to joining the Development team, she gained significant experience and success in academic research at Notre Dame, working as a research technician in the laboratories of Professors Joseph O’Tousa, Charles Kulpa and Malcolm Fraser, and has several publications to her credit.  She has even spent time as a chemist in a wastewater treatment plant.  Having done that myself, I know, first hand, that she will have the ability to know when a prospect just “smells right”!

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Ball State University and has several courses to her credit here at Notre Dame in Environmental Microbiology, Bioinstrumentation, Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology and Virology.

Please join me in congratulating Kathleen on her new role.

August R. Freda, Jr. ’79, Director, Development Research

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