3rd SeSSion at The Midway Tavern on May 5

Come on out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with 3rd SeSSion at The Midway Tavern on Saturday, May 5.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even break out a sombrero for a song or two!

The fun and music starts at 9 pm and goes until 1 am.  Come for some of it, come for all of it!  It’s always a good time and a fun crowd!  Of course, The Midway is a classic venue with lots of great history.

You can also call The Midway Tavern to reserve a table.  Here’s more information:


Once again, the $5 cover goes to music lessons for the band.  The dancehall at the Midway will be designated smoke-free for the evening.  You can also call the Midway and reserve a table!

Hope to see you there!

August R. Freda, Jr. ’79, Director, Development Research and Lead Guitarist, 3rd SeSSion

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