Linda Costas to transition to the Office of Human Resources

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I inform you that Linda Costas will transition to a new role within the Office of Human Resources.  Effective December 1, 2012, Linda will serve as the Director of Talent Management and Engagement.  In this role, she will lead University Recruiting, Compensation, Organizational Development and Training.

Over the past two years, Linda has elevated the sophistication of organizational development and training across the University Relations team.  She designed and implemented a best-in-class onboarding, training, and professional development program for our employees.  Not only has her leadership and innovation led to a more comprehensive talent development environment for our employees, but she has been the consumate professional, mentor, and colleague. Her impact has extended beyond Notre Dame’s campus, as she quickly established herself as a leader in this field across higher education.

I will always remain grateful for Linda’s leadership, innovation, and friendship; and look forward to working with Linda in her new capacity.

Please join me in thanking Linda for all she has done for University Relations, and congratulating her on this new opportunity to have a lasting impact on Our Lady’s University.

All my best,


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