Perpetual Prayer Service Last December

prayer serviceOn December 20, 2013, University Relations held an all-day perpetual prayer service in the Blessed Brother Andre Chapel in Flanner Hall. It ran from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and was in memory of the victims of the Sandy Hook School tragedy the week before.

A candle from our Grotto, as well as the pictures and names of the victims were placed on the altar. There were Notre Dame note cards there for our staff who wished to write a note to be sent to the families of the victims. It was one of the most prayerful, touching division wide projects we have ever accomplished.

These note cards were sent to those who run Newton, Connecticut. I never expected any response as I am sure these kinds of things came in from all over the world. Just after Easter, one of the volunteers sent me a simple postcard thanking University Relations for their prayers and their efforts. It read, “On behalf of the people of Newtown, thank you for reaching out to our community. Your voice has been heard and your caring is deeply appreciated. Your words and prayers of kindness truly touch our hearts. We truly feel all the love from around the globe.”

We should all be very proud of what we did. It was done at a very busy time, and many of you were able to spend some very precious time praying for these victims. We should be proud of who we are, and proud of the fact we banded together when others were in need.

In Notre Dame,

Doug Leyes

2 thoughts on “Perpetual Prayer Service Last December

  1. thanks for sharing this Doug. As a life long resident of CT, and a neighbor to Newtown, I thank you for this thoughtful and meaningful show of support..

  2. Thanks for having organized this on behalf of our UR team, Doug. Prayer indeed changes things!