New stewardship tool for the Libraries

Dear UR Colleagues:

I am excited to share an update about a great new recognition and marketing tool for the Hesburgh Libraries. Thanks to the partnership of University Communications, Stewardship and the Hesburgh Library staff, we have a new website, which both recognizes benefactors who have created library collections, and shares the impact of these funds. It can be found at Our hope is that in addition to stewarding current library donors, this site will assist fundraisers in securing gifts in the future. Diane Parr Walker is sharing the site with benefactors this week. A special thanks and congratulations goes to Sara Kassen, Kris Machalleck and Erin Bess, who made this possible. Note that we also maintain a site for named professorships and directorships at


Warm regards,


Katherine Lane

Director for Stewardship Programs

Katherine Lane, MSA ‘00

Director of Stewardship Programs

Department of Development

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