Lt. Jordan Bucci – Home from the War


I am very happy to report that my son, Lt. Jordan Bucci (ND ’10), returned home safely today from Afghanistan. He was welcomed by his wife, Casie (SMC ’10) and they are together  at their home at Ft. Drum, NY. Over most of the past nine months, Jordan has been the Executive Officer (XO) in charge of transferring U.S. bases and assets to the Afghan National Army. In a very real sense, he and his colleagues have been working diligently to end the war. They now leave Afghanistan in peace and return home proudly to their families.

 Jordan and Casie will be on campus for the USC game where we will have our first family reunion. Thank you to everyone who prayed for Jordan and offered words of support to me and Marilyn.

 Al Bucci


24 thoughts on “Lt. Jordan Bucci – Home from the War

  1. Congratulations Al and Marilyn! You must be so proud and relieved.
    All the best to you and your family!

  2. wonderful news!!…thanks for sharing Jordan and his family with our country and with all of us…

  3. Al,
    This is wonderful news. I hope that we have a chance to meet Lt. Bucci in person to thank him for his service and for allowing us to have peace and safety here in the States. You and Marilyn did a wonderful job in raising him.

  4. Al,

    Coming from a military family myself, I know the joy your feel when your loved one returns home. Please tell your son thank you for his service and we are happy to hear he has returned home safely.

    Blessing to you all!

  5. Many thanks for Jordan’s service to our country and to the world at large. Continued prayers for him and your entire family.

  6. Al,
    I’m very happy for your entire family. Please pass on my thank you to Jordan for keeping our country safe!

    Brenda Carr

  7. We all benefit from his selflessness…so grateful for his service and his dafe return!

  8. Best news I have heard all day, Al! So happy for you, Marilyn and all of your family. Best to Jordan!!

  9. Dear Lt. Jordan,
    Thank you for serving our country. While we sit here in our comfortable offices, you were out there fighting for your life, other peoples lives and our country. You are a hero. Thank you very much. Welcome home! God Bless you and the borthers that served with you.

  10. Truly wonderful news, Al! We are all grateful for his service, and his safe return home.


  11. As a military spouse for 20 years, I can totally relate. The sacrifices that both Jordan and Casie make are very much appreciated, please share our gratitude with them. Fort Drum, NY, been there–the only place we were stationed where government quarters were issued with a snow blower.

  12. Wonderful news, Al. I’m so happy for your entire family. Thanks to Jordan for his service to our country, and many blessings to the entire Bucci family. Very happy news…

  13. What a blessing to have him home safely! I’m so happy for you all, Al. Thanks to Jordan for his service to our country. God Bless the Bucci Family! Lynn

  14. Al….just saw this note. Awesome news, thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been thinking and praying for Jordan while he was away. Hopefully I’ll run into him this weekend.

  15. How wonderful to have Jordan home, safe and sound …. and how wonderful that there are young men and women like him who are willing to serve our country and protect our freedom. My thanks to Jordan.