Notre Dame Day, April 27-28, 2014

On April 27, 2014, members of the Notre Dame family from around the world will connect in a way that’s never been done before. Notre Dame Day will be the most wide-spread global celebration in our University’s history.

The date is significant, denoting April 27, 1879, when Father Sorin returned to campus after a massive fire destroyed the main building, and announced that the University would be rebuilt.

The event will begin at 1842 local time (6:42 pm EST) on April 27 and end at midnight on April 28. By way of streaming digital content, social media, on-campus events, and participation from around the world, we will join together to share our Notre Dame stories and encourage gifts to the University.

What is the purpose of Notre Dame Day?

Inspire a global celebration of the Notre Dame mission that engages, informs, and inspires alumni, parents and friends to take action and give back to the University.

Who is sponsoring Notre Dame Day?

Sponsored by Development’s Annual Giving Programs and supported by a Steering Committee that

includes: Erin Hoffmann Harding (Student Life), Fr. Bill Lies (MECA & Mission), C.S.C., Ron Kraemer (OIT), Dan Myers (Office of the Provost), Paul Browne (Marketing & Communications), Dolly Duffy (ND Alumni Assoc.), Sara Liebscher (Athletics Advancement), Micki Kidder (Development), Shannon Cullinan (Development), and Brian Couch (Development).

Components of Notre Dame Day

Live Streaming Broadcast

  • Live set hosted in LaFortune SC
  • Broadcast streamed on includes content on Colleges, Student Life, Athletics, Centers & Institutes, ND Clubs around the world and more
  • Begins April 27 at 6:42pm and ends midnight of April 28
Social Media

  • Follow, re-tweet and share

@ProudtobeND and

  • Reach out to your social media followers and encourage them to give and vote (see back)
  • On ND Day social media will be tracked and dissected as part of the broadcast
On-Campus Events

  • The ND Day broadcast will include live interviews, live entertainment acts, residence hall competitions, and more
  • ND Day hubs will be on campus encouraging gifts and social media activity




FAQs Regarding Notre Dame Day

What are the specific fundraising goals for Notre Dame Day?

There will be no public fundraising goals for this event. However, we will have an internal participation goal.

Why are we putting on this event?

Traditional communication channels are becoming less and less effective in fundraising, particularly with young alumni. Notre Dame Day is a fun, engaging way to connect and tell our story. It allows us to solicit donors in an appealing way, and will make giving more of an experience.

When will Notre Dame Day be announced to the general public?

Notre Dame Day will be marketed in numerous mediums including social media, email, direct mail, print media, web, and peer to peer. Key dates to be aware of are:

March 17: goes live; social media tease; tagged in St. Patrick’s day email March 28: teaser video added to; social media push

April 7: comprehensive details added to; daily social media and other significant advertising from this point on

How will people be able to participate in Notre Dame Day?

There will be many ways to participate including watching the Notre Dame Day broadcast streamed online, attending   the broadcast at our live set in LaFortune, making a gift, competing in our challenge match competition, connecting with ND Clubs on local events, engaging in social media activities, following the Notre Dame stories presented before and during the day, and connecting directly with areas on campus as provided.

How will current donors be approached about giving for Notre Dame Day?

Our hope is for all of Notre Dame’s friends, family, and alumni to consider a gift. Renewal gifts or additional gifts from current donors will empower the day and includes an opportunity to have financial impact in specific areas of interest through our Challenge Match Competition (addressed below).

How will a donor make a gift and participate in the  Challenge Match Competition?

make your gift

What is the Challenge Match Competition?

The Challenge Match Competition is funded by lead gifts and will be allocated based on the votes of donors throughout Notre Dame Day. Funds will match the percentage of votes an area receives. For instance, if the Center for Social Concerns receives 5% of the total votes, it would receive 5% of the funds from the Challenge Match Competition. The total funds in the Challenge Match are still being determined, but will be at least $250,000.

How will gifts be tracked on Notre Dame Day?

All gifts will be tracked and updated real-time online for everyone to see. Web content will include a constant update on the day’s fundraising efforts, a streaming broadcast of the day, and other stories largely in video format. Donors will be able to track a leaderboard regarding the Challenge Match Competition.

How can I help make Notre Dame Day a success prior to April 27?

Follow @ProudtobeND on Twitter and Facebook/ProudtobeND as soon as possible. By sharing, re-posting, and re- tweeting, you can be a vital piece in our efforts to spread the word through social media.  Encourage friends, family, and co-workers to watch the broadcast on April 27-28. A broadcast schedule will be released prior to the event.

Have any other universities conducted something similar to this?

The idea began in the non-profit sector and had great success in programs such GiveMN and North Texas Giving Day. Columbia has had the most success in higher education, raising over $7MM from 9,700 gifts last year. Other schools who have conducted similar days include Colgate, Georgetown, Illinois Wesleyan, and Maryland.

Higher-Ed Examples

Columbia University    

Colgate University       

Georgetown University record-amounts/

Non-Profit Examples


North Texas Giving Day

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