Scholarship Fellowship Recognition Weekend Fact Sheet

1.    What is Scholarship Fellowship Recognition Weekend (SFRW)?

SFRW is a bi-annual presidential event planned by the Donor Engagement Team (previously known as Office of Stewardship Programs) to recognize benefactors who have supported expendable and endowed financial aid (i.e. scholarships, fellowships.) SFRW will be held March 28 and 29, 2014.

              2.      Who is invited?

Guests: Benefactors invited include those who have given $10,000+ to financial aid in the last two years and/or have a lifetime giving record of $100,000+ to financial.

Milestone Benefactors: Benefactors who have achieved a new giving milestone since the 2012 SFRW are given special Milestone Benefactor status. These individuals or organizations have reached one of the following cumulative giving levels to financial aid during the last two years:

  • Named ($100,000)
  • Prize ($250,000)
  • Distinguished ($500,000)
  • Presidential ($1 million)
  • Premier ($5 million)

Milestone Benefactors received a special Milestone Benefactor RSVP card, indicating that their accommodations are complimentary. They will have an opportunity to make brief remarks at the Saturday night recognition dinner after Fr. Jenkins presents them with a token of appreciation.

  • Campus Leadership: The executive officers, the President’s Leadership Council, and the deans of the colleges and schools are invited to the event, and often participate in the activities. In addition, many faculty, administrators and students participate in the activities of the weekend.
  • ·   Development: Development senior leadership and all fundraisers are invited to SFRW. Please plan to attend if you have benefactors who are coming to the weekend.

Save-the-date post cards were sent in November of 2013. Formal invitations were sent January 30, 2014. The RSVP list can be found Inside ND/ Box/Donor Engagement Team/Stewardship, which will be updated daily to indicate planned attendance.

           3.      What is the role of a fundraiser at SFRW?

SFRW provides an excellent opportunity for fundraisers to connect with donors, whether the donors attend the event or not. When invitations are sent, fundraisers can contact donors, especially those who have achieved Milestone Benefactor status, to encourage them to attend. Fundraisers may serve as additional resources on the activities of the weekend and can arrange for special seating with officers and deans at the Saturday luncheon and recognition dinner. Fundraisers can reach out to Milestone Benefactors regarding the optional donor remarks at the recognition dinner. Attending the educational and inspirational activities associated with SFRW with University donors will certainly deepen existing relationships. After the event, fundraisers can share highlights with those who were unable to attend.


March 14 Update: Due to an overwhelming donor response we have reached capacity for seating in the Smith Ballroom. We have encouraged fundraisers not to include spouses or guests this year, and/or not to attend the Saturday Recognition Dinner if you do not have donors in attendance.

  •           4.      Is there a special event for Presidential, Premier, and Principal benefactors?

On Friday evening, as part of the Performing Arts Student Showcase, Provost Tom Burish will be hosting an intimate dinner for Presidential ($1 million + to financial aid) or Premier donors($5 million+to financial aid.) All principal donors (those who have given $5 million+ to any area of Notre Dame) who have supported financial aid at any level have also been invited to the Burish dinner. As benefactors RSVP, we will extend invitations to the appropriate deans and fundraisers. Please contact Katherine Lane with any questions.

          5. Registration

Invitees can register online or via snail mail. RSVP cards were sent with the formal invitations. All field fundraisers should register on line at: RSVPs are due March 6, 2014.

          6How are hotel reservations and costs handled?

For guests and milestone benefactors in need of hotel accommodations, we have reserved a block of rooms at the Morris Inn and the Inn at Saint Mary’s Hotel & Suites for the evenings of Friday, March 28th and Saturday, March 29th. We will send confirmation of their reservation prior to the weekend.

  • Guests: Special room rates at both hotels have been secured for University guests; they are responsible for their own hotel expenses.
  • Milestone Benefactors: Rooms at either hotel are complimentary.
  • ·   Fundraisers: Stewardship is happy to secure a reservation for you. Please note that your budget will be charged for your room(s).

All invitees are responsible for their own travel to and from Notre Dame, but once on campus, the University will provide transportation to and from all weekend activities and host dinner Friday and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Please contact Teri Vitale with questions regarding hotels accommodations.

          7. What is the schedule of events?

Friday, March 28, 2014

6:30 p.m.                        Cocktail Reception, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

7:15 p.m.                        Performing Arts Student Showcase, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

Saturday, March 29, 2014

10:00 a.m.                      Morning Program, Jordan Auditorium, Mendoza College of Business

Noon                  Luncheon, North Dining Hall

1:30 p.m.                        At Leisure

5:00 p.m.                        Mass of Thanksgiving, Basilica of the Sacred Heart

6:15 p.m.                        Recognition Dinner, Bill and Mary Ann Smith Ballroom, Morris Inn

          8.      Can fundraisers reserve tables to sit with benefactors?

Fundraisers can work with the Donor Engagement Team to reserve seating for several of the SFRW events:

  •          Saturday lunch seating will be assigned, and we will be using ten-top round tables. We will be placing donors with their own student recipients as much as possible. You may send your request to Heather Moriconi at
  •          Seating will be assigned for the Saturday recognition dinner, and we will be using ten-top round tables. You may send your seating requests to Katherine Lane at Note that you may request to place donors with officers, members of the President’s Leadership Council, and deans, in addition to yourself.      
  •           9. What is the proper attire for Scholarship Fellowship Recognition Weekend?

We recommend comfortable clothing for the daytime. Dressier attire is appropriate for Friday night’s reception and performing arts student show case (e.g., sport jackets for men and corresponding attire for women). The festivities of Saturday evening will be dressy, but not formal (e.g. suits for men and cocktail attire for women).

10. Welcome packets

Guests and Milestone Benefactors: Packets will be available upon check-in for all guests staying at the Inn at Saint Mary’s Hotel & Suites or the Morris Inn. Guests not staying at the hotel, may pick up their packets at the first event they attend.

Fundraisers: Packets will be available for pick up at Eddy Street Commons and Donor Engagement Team will send an email with times.

          11.    Tokens

Attending Milestone Benefactors will receive a Notre Dame china collector’s plate by Tiffany & Co.

Non-attending Milestone benefactors will receive a Notre Dame china collector’s plate box by Tiffany & Co. from Father Jenkins, to be shipped after the event.

          12.   Scholarship Fellowship Wall

The Scholarship Fellowship wall is showcased in the Eck Visitor Center and is updated prior to Scholarship Fellowship Recognition Weekend. This wall contains the names of donors who have reached the milestone level of $100,000 in gifts to financial aid. The wall will be updated on March 12th.

13. How do I access Box?

Login to InsideND

Click on the Box Icon under Quick Apps

Once in Box, go to Donor Engagement Events Folder

Drill down to Stewardship, then Scholarship Fellowship Recognition Weekend 2014 folders

Open Excel file to view most current list of SFRW RSVPs

Please Note: If you are a new collaborator for Donor Engagement Events, or if this is your first time using Box, you may need to agree to terms of service and click through a quick tutorial before accessing files. You will need to use your Net ID to access Box.

If you need to be added to the Donor Engagement Events Box, please contact Kris Machalleck at 1-6936.

If you have questions about the contents of the RSVP chart, please contact Teri Vital at 1-9986.

          14.  How is the Box organized?

The RSVP is a very large excel chart (114 pages if you print) and is listed in alpha order by field fundraiser and then alpha by donor. It will be updated daily.

          15.  Who can I contact with further questions?

Katherine Lane, Senior Director, Donor Engagement         574-631-9785                                     

Libby Schleiffarth, Senior Associate Director of Donor Engagement Programs     574-631-8689

Teri Vitale, Recognition Coordinator     574-631-9986

Or contact your Donor Engagement partner: Sara Kassen (CFR); Heather Moriconi (Midwest);

        Mary Fisher (East); Beth Ferlic (West) 

Your gifts open the doors to a Notre Dame education.

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