OperaND This Weekend

Curious about opera but don’t want to jump in too deep?

Come Thursday ~ Sunday to a performance of THE CORONATION OF POPPEA at the DPAC:            http://music.nd.edu/ensembles/opera-notre-dame/

Lauren LaMore is the assistant Stage Manager with Aaron Fricke and Susan Shields in the Chorus. TJ Dean, Brian’s son, has a principal role on Thursday and Saturday nights. Antique musical instruments, costumes, singing, courtly dancing, and projected titles in English so you can understand what’s happening on stage:  it’s a golden opportunity.



2 thoughts on “OperaND This Weekend

  1. I was in the audience on Sunday afternoon – fabulous job by everyone! Thank you all so much for bringing such a marvelous production to life. Bravo, Susan, Aaron, and Lauren!