Scholarship Fellowship Recognition Video Highlights

Dear Colleagues:

As you may recall, we hosted Scholarship Fellowship Recognition last month. Earlier today, we sent video highlights to both the donors who attended,

and those who were unable to make it. We thought our colleagues throughout the Division might want to experience these highlights too,

especially the student testimonials! See the sample email and link below.

Warm regards,



Dear Jennie and Mark:

We were delighted you could join us for the Scholarship Fellowship Recognition Weekend last month. I write now to share several videos from the event.

Please use this link to view the following videos:

1)      Benefactor Awards Ceremony

2)      John Affleck-Grave’s Presentation on College Affordability

3)      Student Testimonials

  • Bry Martin
  • Laura Wolk
  • Waleed Johnson
  • Daniel Portilla
  • Morgan Andrews

In Notre Dame,

Katherine Lane, Senior Director of Special Events and Stewardship

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