Congratulations to Lori Willard on her new position with iModules

Congratulations and farewell to Lori Willard on her new position, Software Quality Assurance Engineer, with iModules.

Lori’s good nature and encyclopedic knowledge of our data, systems, and processes made her an invaluable resource for our staff and our constituents, and she will be sorely missed. Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity for Lori, and we are very happy for her.

We view ourselves as partners as much as customers with iModules, working to make their product (and, thus, myNotreDame) better. In that light, Lori is still a member of the team. In a very concrete way, the University will continue to benefit from Lori’s knowledge and expertise. We look forward to seeing her at iModules’ annual user conference!

Mark Welch

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