Geoff Stookey Promoted to Budget Analyst

Please join me in congratulating Geoff Stookey recently promoted to Budget Analyst.  In addition to a growing portfolio of budget management, Geoff will manage the credit card payment gateways and ensure our compliance with credit card payment industry standards.  He is also responsible for the review of certain audit reports to ensure data quality.  Geoff has taken a leadership role with the management of the monthly gift reports and has done an excellent job in reviewing Suspense Funds and Sundry Outright Gifts.  Geoff always enjoys a challenge and worked diligently to identify over $500k in funds that helped us reach our Unrestricted Goal of $40M in FY 2014!  We look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in 2015 and beyond!

9 thoughts on “Geoff Stookey Promoted to Budget Analyst

  1. Congratulations, Geoff. How far you have come!! You certainly deserve this promotion after all your hard work.