Employee Recognition Best Practice

This best practice is brought to you by Development’s ND Voice Committee and their initiative to enhance communication by sharing best practices for employee recognition and appreciation.  Special thanks to Sara Kassen and Carolyn Lax for this month’s posting.

Employee recognition is on every organization’s to-do list but sometimes gets de-prioritized.  Studies show when putting together a recognition program it is important to praise effort and reward results. Being recognized for achievements, knowing one’s contributions matter to the organization, and the opportunity for growth and professional development have all been shown to have a considerable impact on employee satisfaction and commitment.

The University of Washington established an employee recognition program to raise morale and to encourage higher levels of performance.  One of the ideas they created was  a “Stress Support Kit” which included a comedy video, healthy snacks, wind-up toys and a stress ball.  Employees were gifted the kits as a way to acknowledge their hard work and effort during stressful times.

Another idea to reward employees who make a difference is through gift cards.  The amount of gift cards can be $25 and under and can be purchased at a variety of places close to campus including:  Kilwin’s, the ND Bookstore, Jamba Juice, McAlister’s, Biggby’s, Rolf’s for a zumba class, Chiptole, etc. Please be advised that gift cards are taxable compensation and you can find information regarding gift tax policies at http://controller.nd.edu/assets/91706/gift_current.pd.

Let us know if you implement any of the best practices we’ve posted and be sure to stay tuned for next month’s best practice brought to you by your ND Voice Committee.


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