Halloween Raffle and Decoration Winners

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Halloween party last Friday. We had over 100 kids come through and vote for their favorite theme. It was a close vote…

1st Place – Lego Land
2nd Place – Pirates
3rd Place – Despicable Me

The Lego Land team has won lunch of their choice! Please see Jen Harwell for details.

The winners of the Halloween Prize Raffle were:

Jacob Gosz
Nate Hannah
Morgan Petty
Brady Keegan
Karina Fessler
John Machalleck
Yarvara Loungo
Liam Kempf
Olivia Snell
Naya Riley
Chance McGrath

We will have pictures uploaded to box in the next few days. If you would like to take a survey and offer your feedback please go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/989ZB2C.

Thank you!

The Halloween Committee

6 thoughts on “Halloween Raffle and Decoration Winners

  1. Great job, everyone! All the kids I saw were having a terrific time. What a wonderful way to have fun with our families and get a little break from the stress of football season. Thank you to everyone who participated.

  2. Congratulations, Lego Land Team!

    You guys did a great job and your win is well-deserved!

  3. Thanks to everyone for a terrific event! The kids look forward to it every year.Thank You!

  4. Thank you to everyone who put this on – it was very impressive and appreciated! My daughter Olivia had a lot of fun 🙂