Organizational Analysis & Design

I have asked Human Resources to assist me over the next three months in conducting an Organizational Analysis and Design of my team (Corporate & Foundation Relations, Academic Advancement, Marketing/Communication, and Campaign Administration). Our goal is to craft an organizational structure that allows us to increase Corporate and Foundation Relation benefactions, to improve our partnership and communication with each of you and our academic units on campus, and to create an even better team environment marked by mutual respect and exemplary collaboration. The goal is to share our new organizational design/structure by the end of February 2015.

The OAD engagement team will be reaching out to many of you to schedule conversations with you. Thank you in advance for making time for these conversations. If you are not invited to participate in an interview or focus group, but wish to share your thoughts on our organizational structure or processes, you are welcome to do so by emailing Julia Sama

Thank you for all you do to advance Notre Dame!

Shannon Cullinan

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