Fond Farewell to Kathleen Barber

Kathleen Barber will be retiring from the university after 19 years
of continuous service, which includes her current position in
Development Research, and a previous 14 years in Biological Sciences.
Kathleen and her husband will be relocating to Nashville, Indiana, in beautiful Brown County. Her last day will be April 1, 2015.We will miss her and wish her a happy and relaxing retirement!

Kevin P. CannonDirector, Engagement Information

9 thoughts on “Fond Farewell to Kathleen Barber

  1. So you are finally going to do it–get back to nature and grow that garden! Congrats to you are your husband and have a great retirement lady!

  2. Congratulations, Kathleen! Best wishes to you and your husband for an enjoyable and all relaxing retirement!

  3. Kathleen – So excited for you!!! Grow your own veggies, have some chickens! It’s going to be wonderful and you are going to enjoy all the fruits of your labor! Wishing you al the best and much happiness!

  4. Wow – how exciting! I LOVE that area! Congratulations – you will be missed!