Deadlines with the University’s Fiscal Year Close

Dear Colleagues,

As we approach fiscal year-end, I want to make sure you are aware of some key deadlines associated with the University’s fiscal year close.  The full closing schedule is available for your review on the Controller’s website

  • June 8 – buyND purchase requisitions greater than $25k must be submitted to Procurement Services
  • June 19 – buyND purchase requisitions greater than $5k, but less than $25k must be submitted
  • June 25 – Cut-off for FedEx Office charges for FY15.  Charges after June 25th will post to FY 16
  • June 30 – Last day to process buyND catalog requisition and purchase orders under $5,000 in FY 15.
  • June 30 – All deposits (non-gift) made on or before June 30th will automatically be credited to FY 15
  • July 1 – buyND purchase orders will be placed with new year funds
  • July 1 – Deposits (non-gift) made between July 1st and July 8th should be clearly marked FY15 or FY16
  • July 2 – Check Requisitions related to FY 15 must be submitted to Accounts Payable by 5 PM.
  • July 2 – travelND expense reports for FY 15 must be submitted and approved by 5 PM
  • July 2 – buyND “receipts” for FY15 must be entered by departments by 5PM
  • July 2 – procard statement reports for FY15 must be submitted and approved by 5PM
  • July 8 – General Ledger Closes
  • July 9 – GLez reflects activity for fiscal year-end


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mary Ellen Koepfle

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