Prospect Management and Data Integrity Positions


Four new positions are now available within the Development team.  These positions including the following:

  • Associate Director, Prospect Management
  • Program Director, Data Integrity
  • Analyst, Data Integrity x 2

Brief overviews of the positions are provided below, and additional detail may be found on  In the event you are interested in applying for the positions or have additional questions, please contact Ann Moran.

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Associate Director, Prospect Management:

The Associate Director supports the fundraising efforts of the university’s directors of development, primarily the Principal Gifts team, by discovering and researching individuals and organizations with, or who are believed to have, the capacity to make a transformative gift to Notre Dame.  Through documenting and analyzing key biographical and financial information, the Associate Director will assess and estimate the overall gift capacity of the individual or organization and provide related information which will assist the director of development in qualifying and developing and appropriate strategy for cultivating the prospect and, ultimately, closing gifts. The Associate Director is responsible for building strong partnerships with the Prospect Management and Principal Gifts teams, working to drive strategy to ultimately produce transformative gifts to Notre Dame. Further, the Associate Director will be responsible for maintaining and growing the development department’s relationships with third-party vendors who will be our primary partners for research on all leadership and principal level prospects, and consistently monitoring the landscape for enhanced products and best practices to help drive philanthropy at Notre Dame.

Program Director, Data Integrity:
The Development Strategic Analytics team is focused on optimizing business decisions through analytics and data strategies.  Highly skilled, centralized data management unlocks hidden value that can be used to drive key operational changes and long term strategies.  The Program Director will be expected to serve as a subject matter expert in the area of higher education biographical data with the ability to actively advise on opportunities to secure external data that will allow us to deliver more timely predictive data to our field fundraisers and provide strategic oversight in ensuring that biographical data is captured in a way that will allow us to more strategically engage with alumni, parents, and friends.  The Director will also plan, implement, and coordinate an aggressive biographical data integrity program that will focus on maintaining accurate constituency data records.
Analyst, Data Integrity: 
The Data Integrity Analyst position will utilize information technology systems, methods, and vendors to assist in the development of a data integrity program to maintain the accuracy and quality of data in the Development and Alumni database; identify and implement data quality best practices; work to ensure compliance with established data standards; and conduct data audits to identify bad or missing data.

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