We Invite You to Join the Fight for Early Sepsis Diagnoses

join the fight

This week’s Fighting For video showcases the early sepsis detection and targeted treatment work of Professor Paul Bohn and Professor Norman Dovichi as leaders in the field of precision medicine.

LEARN MORE. Join Professor Norman Dovichi and Professor Paul Bohn this Thursday, October 1 at 12 PM ET to learn more about this important project. During this Question & Answer session via Google Hangout, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions regarding how Notre Dame continues to fight for early detection and targeted treatments of life threatening complications.

SUPPORT EARLY SEPSIS DETECTION AND TARGETED TREATMENT RESEARCH. Your generosity ensures that Professor Norman Dovichi’s and Professor Paul Bohn’s teams at Notre Dame have the resources necessary to continue their research in precision medicine.

INVEST IN OUR LADY’S UNIVERSITY. By giving to the greatest needs throughout the University you ensure that the Notre Dame experience which embodies, faith, spirit and knowledge continues to prepare students to become forces for good in the world.

Thank you for your support of Our Lady’s University and Her mission. It is people like you that make it so easy to be Proud to Be ND!


Andrea Bullock
Director, Annual Giving &
Strategic Marketing


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