Navy Pep Rally Reception/Tailgate RSVP reminder


Please remember to have attendees for the Friday Pep Rally Reception entered in BEAT by Tuesday, October 6 at 5 PM.  Also, please remember to have attendees for the Tailgate entered in BEAT by Friday, October 9 at Noon.

***Please note: For all games, if your guests have children 12 and under, you will need to mark this information in BEAT in the notes section for both the Pep Rally Reception and the Tailgate registrations. This information impacts catering counts.

If you have any questions about the Pep Rally Reception, please feel free to contact Teri Vitale at 1-9986 or Heather Moriconi at 1-9784. If you have questions about the game day Tailgate, please contact Jennifer McGuire at 1-3278, Mary Fisher at 312-322-0909, Beth Ferlic at 1-2593, or Sara Kassen at 1-2975.


Heather Moriconi

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