Relay for Life Bake Sale

The Relay for Life Bake Sale is happening Wednesday, March 30th, in the ESC Cafe! The UR Walking on Sunshine committee is looking for bakers (or go out and purchase, we won’t tell 😉) to help our team raise funds and beat OIT! Outside of the auction, the bake sale is our biggest source for support, and there’s no better way to end the Lenten season than with a sweet treat.

Following the pattern from previous years, we are selling individual items (cookies, brownies, bars, etc…), or whole items (cakes, pies, etc…). If you would like to submit a baked good, please reach out to Jess Witous ( or Leah Corachea (

It would be greatly appreciated if I could get a rough estimate of our inventory by March 28th so we can best prepare for this event.

Your support is sincerely appreciated,

Jess, Leah, Kristin, and Pam​

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