Special Events & Stewardship Updates

Dear Colleagues,


Special Events & Stewardship is excited to announce several revisions to the overall structure of the team. This reorganization is intended to promote collaboration, increase specialization of responsibilities, and foster innovation in event programming and stewardship activities across all divisions. Please note this reorganization was in process prior to Katherine Lane’s appointment to the ND Trail, and I am grateful for her leadership and counsel.


Please find below an outline of specifics responsibilities, and attached an org chart of the team.  Moving forward, the team will operate within five distinct units, including:


Executive Events & Stewardship:

  • Plan and execute events involving the Executive Officers and other University leaders (e.g., Board of Trustees events, Advisory Council weekends, dedications and groundbreakings, etc.)
  • Leading this team will be Cristi Ganyard, and the team will be comprised of Mary Andersen, Stephanie Mead, and Jennifer McGuire.
  • As a result of Lauren Whisler’s impending departure, one Assistant Director one position is open and will be posted this week.

Campaign Events & Stewardship

  • Partner closely with Campaign Administration to plan and execute events associated with the Boldly Notre Dame Campaign (e.g., Fly-Ins, Fly-Outs, Leadership Weekends, and Campaign Cabinet meetings).
  • Jessica Reasons will lead this team and work closely with Tory Grimes in planning and executing these events.

Donor Cultivation Events & Stewardship

  • Plan and execute Athletics Advancement events and stewardship, Annual Giving and Recognition Societies events and stewardship, Wall Street engagement events, and Regional Development events (i.e., the Development Tailgate, Welcome Weekend receptions, and regional cultivation events).
  • Leading this team will be Christine Wallace, and she will work closely with Laura O’Sullivan and Rod Ambrissi.

Compliance & Stewardship Programs

  • Manage the comprehensive stewardship programs for the academy and financial aid.
  • Specific areas of focus include the annual endowment reporting effort and a new compliance function, intended to ensure funds across the University are applied in accordance with donor-imposed restrictions and spent towards maximum impact. This group will also partner closely with Regional Development, CFR, Academic Advancement Directors, etc.
  • A Director, Compliance & Stewardship Programs role will lead this team and will be posted this week.
  • The team is also comprised of Amanda Retartha, Dave Daley, Liz Johnson, Heather Moriconi, and Kris Machalleck.


Donor Communications, Recognition, & Stewardship

  • Responsible for the coordination of the Presidential and Vice Presidential acknowledgment process, oversight of all public recognition on campus, and the stewardship of capital benefactors.
  • Partner closely with fundraisers to develop innovative best practices in stewardship for principal donors, and will plan and execute stewardship and recognition events.
  • Leading this team will be Beth Ferlic, and the team will be comprised of Julia Rawlings Onghetich, and Teri Vitale.
  • With Amy Thomas and Rochelle Miller’s impending departures, two positions are also available on this team and will be posted this week.

Finally, Liz Johnson will continue to partner with the CFR and AAD teams on best practices and stewardship strategies, Laura O’Sullivan will do the same with the Athletics Advancement team, and Rod Ambrissi with the Annual Giving team.

In addition to the four open positions noted above, we will be hiring for an additional Assistant Director, Special Events & Stewardship, reporting directly to me. This will be a limited-term position through September 2017, which will provide support for myself and for all five Special Events & Stewardship units as needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions regarding this position, or any of our open roles.


Please join us in congratulating the individuals above who have been promoted to new leadership roles. In the weeks ahead, I will be reaching out to individual units to discuss how the new structure will promote enhanced partnership and effectiveness.


All my best,

Mary Fisher



SE&S Org Chart 6.27.16 (1)


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