AGSM Football Events Preview Site & Email

Title: AGSM Football Events Preview Site & Email

Today, active members of Sorin, Rockne, JCOS, OSTM, Corby Young Alumni and their spouses, along with Badin Guild and $25K+ OSTM and JCOS members will receive an email directing them to this year’s Football Events Preview Site:

This site will continue to have the most up-to-date information about this year’s Recognition Society events. Please note that there have been some changes from the information that was presented at Football 201.

For event questions, please contact Rod Ambrissi (, 574-631-8756)

For registration questions, please contact the Donor Experience team (, 574-631-5198)

For all other Recognition Society questions, please contact your fund owners:

Sorin Society:
Brian Diss (, 574-631-5646)

Corby Young Alumni:
Lindahl Chase (, 574-631-7241)

Rockne Heritage Fund:
Alex Romagnolo (, 574-631-0448)

Order of St. Thomas More:
Ian Secviar (, 574-631-2410)

John Cardinal O’Hara Society (Interim):
Amy Schell (, 574-631-2297)

Badin Guild:
Laura Snell (, 574-631-0038)

Go Irish!

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