Congratulations to John Butkovich on His Retirement/New Role


You may have heard that our colleague and friend, John Butkovich, is retiring his full-time position within the Office of Gift Planning.  John has been an integral member of our team and has been a key component of our growth since the time he arrived.  Fortunately though, we don’t say “goodbye” to John completely.
Beginning in the fall, we will be engaging John on a part time basis in a different role so that he may continue to help advance gift planning at the University.  He will be engaged to help with projects related to administering estates, including the implementation of a new record keeping and report writing function related to estates.  We are very excited that John has agreed to return in this new role.
This Friday, July 29th will be his last full-time day with us and he will be available for transition matters as needed.  In November, John will re-join us and continue the estate administration work.  John is expecting to be in the office each day upon his return and looks forward to continuing to help drive the mission of the University.
During John’s absence, please feel free to direct any questions to Ken Hendricks or me as it relates to specific responsibilities that will be transitioned.  All estate matters should be directed to Ken Hendricks in the interim period.  Upon John’s return, we’ll give further detail regarding estate matter processing and operations.
Please join me in congratulating John for his first act of successful duty with the University and thank him.  We look forward to welcoming John back for the second act soon!
Best regards,
Greg Dugard


9 thoughts on “Congratulations to John Butkovich on His Retirement/New Role

  1. John, Congrats!. Enjoy your time.
    Hoping I will still get to work with you in your new part-time role in the fall.

  2. Congratulations on your “retirement” You know you can’t stay away. Looking forward to working with you again in November.

  3. Congratulations John, glad to hear you will take a little break before returning!

  4. Congratulations on your retirement even though it won’t be in full. Still, it will be nice to have more available time for yourself and your family. Enjoy the few months that are all your own in the interim.