Jesus Bravo, Newest East Team Member

I am delighted to announce our newest team member, Jesus Bravo.  Jesus is a Notre Dame graduate, Class of 2004, majoring in Economics and Pre-Med. He is originally from Chicago, where he served on the ND Club of Chicago Board as a Young Alumni representative. Most recently, Jesus was with Ahead LLC as a Sales Business Analyst Manager. His experience includes sales and sales management at Tracfone Wireless, Dannon, and United States Gypsum. He was also with JPMorgan Chase as a personal banker.

 Jesus is relocating to South Bend from Chicago, accompanied by his pet schnauzer, Tin-tan.  Since Tin-tan takes his commands in Spanish, he is as bi-lingual as Jesus (who speaks Spanish and French). Ask Jesus about his experience on Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives – he’s a foodie by his own admission.
 Jesus will serve Notre Dame in the New York City and Upstate New York markets, based here in South Bend.  Please join me in extending a very warm Notre Dame welcome to Jesus when he arrives on August 8.

My very best,

Anne Griffith

4 thoughts on “Jesus Bravo, Newest East Team Member

  1. Welcome to the Development team, Jesus! Looking forward to meeting you and hearing this story of yours!