Welcome to Academic Advancement, Eugenio Acosta!

Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce that Eugenio Acosta will serve as our new Director of Academic Advancement for the College of Engineering. In this role, Eugenio will serve as the development liaison for the College as a member of Dean Kilpatrick’s senior leadership team. He will work closely with the Dean, faculty, advisory council members, and field fundraisers to advance the key priorities for the College of Engineering along with collaborative initiatives with ND Research, College of Science, and others.

Eugenio, who received a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Notre Dame in 2001 and M.B.A. from California State University in 2007, has been an integral part of our University Relations team since 2013 where he has served as International Alumni Relations Program Director.  Prior to joining Notre Dame, Eugenio served as Senior Engineer and Project Manager for McCarthy Building Co. for twelve years in Newport Beach, Ca.

We believe Eugenio’s experience along with his strong work ethic, collaborative spirit, technical expertise, and dedication to the mission of Our Lady’s University, will enable him to advance an ambitious fund raising plan for the College of Engineering and multi-disciplinary STEM initiatives.

We look forward to welcoming Eugenio to the Academic Advancement Team in early December.  In the meantime Eugenio, Nathan Utz, and I will be working closely to ensure a smooth transition for each of the roles involved.

Please join me in congratulating Eugenio on his exciting new position as well as thanking Nathan Utz on his great leadership in this role the past five years as he transitions full-time in his new role as Senior Director of Corporate Relations!

Yours in Notre Dame,

Jim Morrison

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